Sunday, 1 May 2011

Kate Middleton: the ultimate Sensible Girl

Along with 2 billion others, I watched the Royal Wedding with my mother with glee. I loved everything about it. But I especially loved Kate. She is the ultimate Sensible Girl. Here's why:

* Kate takes very few risks. Just look at her hair: Kate has the most sensible hair I have ever seen. Sensible length, sensible colour, sensible cut.
* Her frock: Long sleeves. So sensible. Modest and weather-appropriate. Manageable train, veil, flowers. That girl had a heck of a walk down that aisle, best to make the accessories as sensible as possible. And she did.
*Her future. For someone with not a lot of working experience, at age 29, what better way to secure yourself than to marry a prince? The groom promised to share all his worldly goods, and in this case, that is quite a good deal for Kate. What a sensible choice!

Being not only a sensible girl, but a romantic girl, I was stinging for the balcony scene. In the end, just as William was about to kiss his sensible girl, my father announced he had spotted a rat in the living room. Moment somewhat spoiled and I ended up watching the balcony scene perched atop the coffee table.

My husband said later, "Yes, but why did you get onto the coffee table?"
Ruby: "I don't know. It's just instinct, isn't it?"
Him: "But why the table?"
Ruby: "Because, obviously, so the rat doesn't run up your trouser leg."
Him: "They never do that."
Ruby: "They do! Look at the cartoons!"

Being sensible does not always translate to common sense.

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