Saturday, 30 April 2011

Ruby the Sensible Girl: an introduction.

My name is Ruby. All my life, I have been a sensible girl. Here are some examples of how I am and have been, sensible:

* I have neat handwriting and excellent spelling. This may have led to my sensible career as a teacher. Being a teacher has meant that I have the urge to laminate everything. (If only I could laminate this blog.) 
* I married my first love (very sensible, low-risk). 
* I have just bought my first home (townhouse, good investment, sensible choice). 
* I wear flat shoes. 
* I sew. 
* I love films, but not films that will make me feel tense. 
* I drink tea, but not coffee. 
* I am the model eldest child. 
* My drink of choice is a Gin and Tonic, popular with Nannas the world over.
* I read classics. 

See? Sensible. 

There have been times in my life when it has occurred to me that being sensible has meant that I am boring. Perhaps others who lead more glittering lives might find my particular brand of sensible to be boring, but I am more than satisfied with my sensible life. My friends have urged me to write a blog, and so I decided to write about a sensible girl's life.

As an aside, the most rebellious thing I have done was to pierce my bellybutton, age 17. It took me nearly ten years to admit to myself that it was trashy and uncomfortable, and to remove it.