Friday, 16 September 2011

Literacy groups- ideas?

I'm always scouring the net (Pinterest in particular!) for good ideas to use during literacy groups. I have quite a good selection now but I find these session quite hard. It is hard to get to all students and for them to stay on-task while I am working with a small group. I find it tempting to just spend all weekend making new games, because I know they will love them, but then I realise I won't have a life and that they are still learning the game I made for them last week.
Here are two of the latest activities that I have made-- I stress to add that these are not my ideas originally.

Rainbow words:
This idea came from this great site and again, I have just modified. The students choose a word, trace it with a rainbow texta (separated into warm and cool colours) and then cross it off their list. They love it. I think it is the textas that they love, mainly.

Peg words:
This idea is from this lovely lady. I bought a Little Golden Book picture dictionary, cut out the best pictures, and made these labels. I then made corresponding pegs to be clipped on to the right letters.

The labels can also be used for look, cover, write, check activities.

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